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Acapittsburgh 2016
#acapitt #performance

October 11th , 2016

Our first performance of the semester (and the first performance with NewBytes!) was at Acapittsburgh 2016, CMU Counterpoints annual Charity Concert. The theme of the year was Music as a Universal Language. It always is an incredible experience to perform with all of Carnegie Mellon’s a cappella groups, we had a great time being the first group up and sharing the stage with everyone!

Acapittsburgh 2016 was able to raise over $2000 for the People to People music charity- an organization run by Sigma Alpha Iota philanthropies– provides material assistance and encouragement to schools, music organizations and musicians in developing countries in many parts of the world. Past projects have included material assistance to schools and orphanages in Haiti, socially inclusive choral training to the children and youth of Ontario’s under-served Northumberland County, and given instruments to the Veteran’s Administration HONOR Center in Gainesville Florida, an organization that provides hope, opportunities, networking, outreach, and recovery for our homeless heroes and transitions them back into health and housing in the community. We are so proud to be able to support such an incredible organization that fosters, supports, and values the important role music plays in connecting communities, and thank you to everyone who came out!