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New Bytes!
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September 22nd , 2016
After a long week of auditions and callbacks, we are so excited to welcome in the NewBytes of Fall 2016!

Joining our Soprano section is ZOE LEHN! She’s a proud Colorado native, who loves Disney so much she auditioned to be one of the park princesses before (her favorite is Rapunzel, but maybe she’s more like Aurora since she’s fainted EIGHT TIMES?). Besides her fantasy of being a Disney Princess, she also has a dream guy with whom she’ll one day ride off to the sunset (specifically a Canadian firefighter).

SHREYA DESIKAN will also be joining our Sop Section! This Bio & Psych major has been to TAZMANIA (bet you don’t even know where that is). She LOVES elephants, and has a tendency to talk in her sleep (guess she can’t help but to share her lovely voice even when she’s unconscious).

Joining our Tenor section is MATTHEW GUTIERREZ! He looks a bit familiar to you, right? The next (and better) Bruno Mars (they both share the SAME nationality) can do a backflip on command (definitely the better Bruno Mars).

We also have STEVEN MACDONALD joining our Tenors! Soundbytes can now say that we have the ONLY CLASS OF 2019 BAGPIPES MAJOR as a member of our group! (But he’s also double majoring in Business and minoring in Drama and Entrepreneurship…Wow). This Scottish long boarder is willing to serenade you or the person of your choice with bagpipes for 15 minutes for $20, if you’re interested!